I hope you not totally bored with my On The Road blogs. Living in an area with lot’s going on around you leads to maybe some interesting stuff to take photos of. Of course they are mostly taken from my car or as I’m walking through the parking lots here. You never know what might get captured especially while I’m driving but I do try and get something and I’m careful never to take my eyes off the road.

I’m sure many of you can say you have done this at least once in your life. Adopting pets is the way to go so many need good loving homes : )

I thought this was a very cool looking truck, at the bottom of his plate it says Slammed Society not sure what that is but sounds interesting 😀

One thing for sure is we have SO many Tattoo Parlors here this one is far from my house I probably have at least 20 in my town !!!

There was a farm there at one time but now this barn sits right on a very busy corner with lot’s of traffic and a big fire department right next to it. It does give the impression it’s in the country though 😀

This is the main road right adjacent to the over 600 acre abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center property. As you can see it’s very busy the railroad station is at the right of the photo. And the fire department is in back of the bus it’s been there for over 100 years …….

Living on Long Island means your never far from water the Atlantic Ocean along the south shore and the Long Island Sound along the north shore. Long Island is 120 miles long and I guess about 20 to 30 miles deep in land measurement.I saw a lot of really cool license plates on cars but wasn’t able to get photos most of the time I did get this one from far away 😀

I do get to see Tinkerbell a lot though 😀

And sometimes some interesting bumper stickes. We have some fierce womans Roller Derby teams here though. But what attracted me to these were the Skulls 😀

This is my new Burger King it just opened in September. There was another chain restaurant that built a building there and never completed it. It sat there unfinished and abandoned for about 10 years before BK decided to buy it and open their own restaurant. McDonalds is right across the street !!

I love how this photo came out with the help of photoshop. It was a really crappy washed out photo not in very good focus but the architecture and all the spaghetti like wiring made me want to try and bring out the detail. The building looked empty at least the bottom was. This was next door to that Tattoo Parlor 😀

This was where I was in my car when I took the last photo and the tattoo shop. Traffic is a nightmare in that area and that bridge is where the train goes over the road !!!

Crazy Billy was on the other side of the street at the same spot I took the photo of the Social and Tattoo shop. Crazy Billy’s has been around for ages 😀

I’m sure Dr.Mojo would love this place !!! It’s got Good Mojo, it’s close to the last place. I was stuck in traffic as you can see 😀

In my town I saw this van I think it’s a yogurt shop !! OH and look at the trees in the background they are turning fall colors already 🙂

These were on the same car as the Adopt ribbon was on 🙂

I hope you remember that truck with the Scary looking wheels I posted. This was one of the art paintings on it .. Pretty scary itself 😀

This was the back, there were no other cars anywhere near it 😀

I’m thinking they adopted a Pit Bull dog since it says adopt on the paw print and LTL BULL on the plate 🙂

We have two I-HOP restaurants in my town.They are very popular here in America they mostly serve breakfast items like pancakes and waffles 🙂

This was right near that country barn 😀

These clocks are very popular here almost every town has one. This one was on the south shore. We have one on our main street I need to go get some photos of it 😀

And finally the last photo and I think it says it all !!!


So I hope you found something you liked and Thank you for joining me on another edition of On The Road with JJ 😀

And I know I had to use a lot of photoshop I hope you understand it was for getting the photos so you could see them better not for Artistic purposes !! LOL