Traineeship Day 4: Talking About Music & Low

Today was a little bit different from the first three but at the same time interesting, inspiring and useful.

I called my tutor around midday for asking him if he was going at the school of music, and he said me he did but for a couple of hours, so I took the advantage to bring my thesis and ask him some help, or at least a confirm on what I wrote about the analysis part. For who doesn’t know I’m writing my graduation thesis on David Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy (Low, “HEROES” and Lodger album). I asked my tutor if he could say me something more, if there is, about what I wrote for the tracks analysis.

For now we only reviewed Low album and he said me some things more, just as information, and confirmed what I wrote, I’m satisfied of what I wrote and I thanked him for that and he thanked me back. I’m so happy to “work” with him and being able to talk about some stuff and extend my knowledge.

We had a very interesting talk about music, opened mind people, the general public who likes or don’t like an album, and a lot of other things. We were agreed on everything and I really appreciated that.

I really hope tomorrow to continue to have this review with him, if there’s anything else to do, as I said in the previous journal, this period is a bit quiet, on Friday there will be a lot to do though 🙂