Traineeship Day 3: Burning Irish CD & Discovering A New Musician

Yesterday I had my third day of internship.

It’s a quiet period so into the school of music, at least about recording studio, there’s not a lot of work at the moment but there’s always something to do.

For example, yesterday the violinist of my day 1 had to listen again few parts of the song he recorded on Thursday, because he was sick and didn’t hear very well, so the little errors were deleted and then the work was completed so my tutor burned a CD for him and his partner. There are some unreleased tracks and few covers, like the one I listened. They are really really great. I’m in love with Irish music, I know I’m boring but I can’t say something different 🙂

Then my tutor needed an account Skype since he’s going to have a videochat with an Austriac guy but we had some problems since the pc didn’t recognize the webcam on Skype, but if you had to use it outside Skype it works, so we changed the pc (helped also by the son of the managing director of the school) but we hadn’t the password for entering as administrator, so we couldn’t do nothing.

In the late afternoon I had the pleasure to discover a new musician, Eddie, and if you wanna listen to his music, click HERE

He’s really great and also funny, always joking, but really serious when he has to work, some of his songs caught my attention. He also tried a new guitar pedalboard he got and it already sounded cool.

And I also knew my philosophy teacher during my high school years joined Eddie’s last project playing organ. I knew he used to play the piano but it’s freaking weird how little is the world sometimes and how some paths come back to cross during the years 😉