Traineeship Day 2: Celtic Vocal Recordings

Yesterday I had my second day of internship.

I was so tired when I come back home that I hadn’t enough strength for opening the pc and write what happened, so I do it now 🙂

I arrived at 11am and for the next seven hours I had the pleasure to assist to vocal recordings for two songs of a Celtic music group of my city. It was amazing because as I previously said I love this world and this genre so it was another amazing day.

I joined during this phase also with my opinions for choosing the best parts of each take for then put them together.

We didn’t edited so much, just set up the two tracks, next Friday there will be another session for chorus and second vocals.

The atmosphere was once again really really comfortable and the hours literally flew away!

The best part was when one of the guy had to record a pig call since one of the song talks about a pig and his point of view of the life because he’s going to be killed and eat by a man. It was really really funny, that guy really knew how to do a pig call, it seems so real hahaha Such a weird experience hahah

It could seem I didn’t do so much but for me being part of this kind of process means a lot, to be able to say my opinions, sharing my thoughts, help in someway my tutor and also who’s there for creating an album, is really really important and intersting, beside that I observe what my tutor does and try to assimilate as much as I can with my eyes.

In the weekend I’m in pause so I can relax and also continue my graduation thesis, I already wrote half and I hope to start to send few parts to my teacher soon so he can read and correct them.