Traineeship Day 1: Irish Music, Cables And Microphones


Hello my dear Buzzneters,

I thought to start a little journal project about my traineeship in the hope you like it and since Buzznet for me is also a sort of diary, this is the perfect way to use it 😉

So… First of all I wanna say that I don’t know if I will able to shoot photos during my internship also because during recording session is forbidden to turn on the cellphone because of noise interferences, I’ll try my best to shot some in other moments, if I have time, for now I’m gonna use a photo for representing my day, in this case I picked this one from Bill Kaulitz Instagram with four of his microphones.

By the way, today was my first day and I was excited and anxious at the same time.

Excited because is what I wanted to do, anxious because the confirm by Uni wasn’t arrived yet, so I was a bit (a lot) worried. Luckily once I arrived at the music school I got the call from the person in charge to traineeships and she said me to start it, there weren’t few problems about the office, she was alone and so she was sending only in that moment e-mail confirmations.

Thanks God! After have removed this huge weight from my body, I couldn’t start without worries 🙂

There was a duo which played Irish music, I always loved this kind of music, you already know how I like to attend Triskell festival here in my city every beginning of Summer (unluckily this year I couldn’t be there for a lot of reasons) so as day one was the perfect way to start 🙂 The woman played harp while the man played the violin.

The melody was amazing and I really really appreciated to listen to them.

My tutor recorded them and then edited few parts, it’s useless saying he’s a pro, I really hope to be able to do what he does too ASAP, I wanna learn and to feel comfortable in what it’s my wish since the last five years.

After a little break for lunch, I helped him to take off cables from the recording studio and he taught me how to roll them up in the perfect way and don’t ruin them. For to be the first time it wasn’t so bad hahah

I spent the last two hours to increase my knowing about pre-production phase that I already studied during my course of musical production, but I have to say in only two hours my tutor told me more about microphones, their parts, the diffrent types and how to use them than what my teacher did. I understood some things I didn’t understand when I followed the course and I learned a lot of info more. I’m really happy about, I hope tomorrow he finishes to explain me the other part about microphones. I had the pleasure to see two RCA condenser microphones from 40s, so precious and fine like the one below:

The atmosphere is really homie, I’m loving everything and it’s gonna be a great experience. Everyone is really really nice and friendly.

Tomorrow, for what I know, there will be some voices to record… I’m going to discover the rest once there, and I can’t wait 😉