Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 08] ’Behind the scenes of Love Who Loves You Back‘

Here we are, Buzzneters! It’s Wednesday again!

First of all, once again for all the support, the shared posts and the suggestions, I’m really really happy and you are making my days, seriously. For me it’s such important to see all this support from Buzznet for Tokio Hotel, I still remember when you interviewed them in 2008, Bree rocked! It’s still one of my fav interviews so far!

By the way, yesterday we had the music video premiere of “Love Who Loves You Back“, lead song of Kings Of Suburbia album (coming out on October 3rd in Germany and Worldwide on 6th/7th, the guys confirmed LWLYB is available also on iTunes USA now: click HERE for more info).

Today we’re going to see what happened during the making of this amazing music video that personally I think it’s really deep as meaning: in the end if like can offer you a lot, you are alone.

I really really love this episode and it’s my fav so far! I love seeing the guys all together, all smiling, happy and satisfied, I’d like to share my words in YT comments box below the video:

Ok guys, this is definitely my fav episode so far of this season.I really really loved it. I love seeing you all together, happy, satisfied and all smiling.I loved every single seconds: from the beginning with Tom saying: “Morning, hm?” looking at those two girls to Georg’s joke on “trying to put some life in this face” (I have to say this make up artist is pretty cool and really rock’n’roll to quote her words, I don’t know who she is but I love her only for how she treated you in the backstage); Bill you are the cutest ever, but you can be also freaking handsome and hot at the same time, Gustav I love your professionalism and I see there’s always a problem to put off the drums, things never change in years hahahI love you so much, guys. Even though I always hope for your reply I know you read my comments here and my tweets as well, it’s important for me you know what I think about you, that my support is growing every day more since 2007, you turned my life in better and I will always glad to you for that. Can’t wait to see you live in concert again, I miss you on stage and I bet you miss it too.Keep rocking,Always yours.Irene

I hope you guys like this episode as much as I do and let me know what you think in the comments below:

Don’t miss the next episode on October 8th, I bet we’re going have a lot of fun again 😉

And if you didn’t pre-order your King Of Suburbia copy on iTunes, do it now!

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