Tokio Hotel Special Guests At Circus Halligalli Talk Show

Tokio Hotel continue their promotional tour for Kings Of Suburbia, so after “Wetten Dass…?” in Erfurt on Saturday and on Radio SAW in Magdeburg on Sunday, they joined Circus Halligalli talk show yesterday night in Berlin for another interview and the performance of Girl Got A Gun.

Check out the video below with interview + Journey To Vulgaria game and Girl Got A Gun performance:

[Thanks once again to TokioHotel-Info for the English translation]

Klaas: Here are Tokio Hotel!(…)Joko: Nice to have you here. … Let me hug you.. come here, boy. (to Gustav)Klaas: And we have on seat left.. Well, first, nice to have you back again, huh. We haven’t seen each other in a very long time.Tom: Yeah, the last time we saw each other we were drunk at the EMA-Aftershow-party.Joko: *laughs* That may very well be…Klaas: But that’s been also some years ago now.Tom: Yeah.Klaas: That was when the EMAs were in Berlin, right?Tom: Yes, that was here in Berlin.Klaas: Yes exactly. But you’re simply not here anymore. So you still live.. well, we get to see from time to time again now, but your whole stuff is in LA. At least two.Bill: Yeah..Tom: Yeah at least two, the others still live in Magdeburg, but that’s almost as beautiful as LA.Bill: Exactly.Klaas: Yes exactly, that’s not especially not comparable at all. How do you make it to get together as one band again, living under those different cultural circumstances and maybe not having seen each other for one year or so and not having that much contact?Bill: The contracts make it possible.*they laugh*Bill: Uhm, nah, in fact both of them sometimes were in LA at our place, and we also were in Germany sometimes, and we also skyped and so on.Joko: I know that! I also do that sometimes… with my friend Zach Braff.Bill: Yeah.. and we always kept the contact, and we also were in the studio in Germany actually. and yeah, we were always in an exchange so to say.Klaas: In a german view one always thinks that you were away for incredibly long, but that’s not really true, because you were on tour for a very long time and then you just took time for the album.Bill: Yeah, the last album was released in 2009, that’s a bit of a time ago of course, but we were in South America and were in Japan and so on, and just toured a bit longer with the album.. (the subtitle text that is shown says “In France they are called Tokio Otel”)

Tom: We toured until 2011, right?Bill: Yeah, until 2011.Tom: Even until the end of 2011, that means it didn’t even take that long.Joko: Then for how long didn’t you actually do anything?Tom: Then we made a break for one year and we actually just relaxed, and then we produced the album in a few days.Klaas: Who can even do that? Being one year in early retirement when you’re only mid-20.(the subtitle-text that is shown says “They’re part-time child detectives & solve murder cases on fairgrounds”)Tom: Yeah..Klaas: How is it like? What do you do the whole day then?Bill: Nah, we have, we were, we were only on parties and sunbathed, and didn’t do anything.Joko: A jetset-life so to say…Tom: A jetset-life like you have it as well, only that we didn’t have cameras with us.Klaas: But we work the whole time.Tom: Yeah…Joko: We worked permanently since we had last seen each other… that’s the difference, and we’re ten years older than you.Klaas: But I imagine it being hard if someone comes and tells you tomorrow at 10 am you have to get up and it seems like in the middle of the night for you.. tomorrow at 10 am you have to be here and there…Bill: Totally. I have to say we’re also so exhausted, I could take another break for four years already.Klaas: Seriously?Bill: Yes, totally.*People laughing*Bill: Nah, it’s exhausting but…Joko (to Tom): How long have you been working again now?Tom: Feels like some weeks already.Joko: Really?Tom: Totally.Klaas: That’s not that long though of course.. but tell me, you also live together, right?Bill: Yeah.Klaas: A real brother-living-community…is that like it used to be back then, just with different circumstances, or… I mean, you’ve already been living together your whole life.Tom: Yeah exactly..Bill: Well, we don’t even ask ourselves the question if one day… we’d one day like to have two houses which are connected with a tunnel where we can always go to one another..Joko: We’d also like to have two houses, but without a tunnel.*people laughing*Klaas: How is it, do you have some cleaning roster or how do you arrange that?Bill: Uhm, nah, actually we both don’t do anything… so…Klaas: You really just only sat on your chairs for years and now you’re back again…Bill: Exactly, yeah..Joko (to Gustav and Georg): How was it for you.. because you [Bill and Tom] probably flew first to LA and built up a life there, and did they just say “Well, just follow us” or…Georg: Exactly..Joko: Isn’t it absurd, if the people who you spent your childhood with live there then?Georg: Nah, it was kinda nice, I didn’t have to book a hotel, I could hang out at their place…Bill: …they slept in my wardrobe…Tom: Actually before they came to LA we had rented a smaller house, otherwise they would have noticed that we always took something from the band funds… uhm yeah..Klaas: But how’s it like when of course you’re there everyday.. in LA it’s very concentrated on music, actors or whatsoever of course, in what extent does one become a part of that scene there, and does what other people might know from the newspapers?Bill: Well, we didn’t want to be a part of any kind of scene, we went there to hide ourselves so to say, that means we were nowhere.. we also didn’t do any interviews or were on red carpets or at any events, we just thought there are so many people who want to be famous and they should just do that, but we just disappeared. For us it was just a good city to disappear. It could have also been any other city, we’re even not that crazy for LA, well it’s quite okay but..Klaas: In Magdeburg you also just disappear if you want it or not, right?*people laughing*Tom: Georg just went on with his life as a VIP in Magdeburg. He enjoyed his VIP life.Klaas: But how is it like when the first hype is finally over and you’re both in Magdeburg, and of course you know friends from school and so on, but what when that machine suddenly stops to work and you do your planned break, do you start to do things again you already did before or how does that work?Georg: I just did nothing first, to be honest. I went for a walk with my dog…Tom: You mean when it’s starting again or what?Klaas: No no, I mean that time in between. that you go back to old habits again…like “Well, today I’ll go to the city festival..”Bill: I also always ask you [Gustav and Georg] what you’re doing there the whole day..Joko: *laughs* You sound like their mother! “What are you doing there?”…(subtitle-text that is shown says “Each of their hair has its own hairdresser”)Bill: No, I have..Joko: Well, what do YOU do the whole day?Bill: No, I also asked him, I don’t know at all what you do there, because I didn’t know at all what to do there..Georg: ..longing for you…Tom: Just hanging around at the bus stop and smoking and drinking booze..Gustav: Well, with that you at least don’t attract attention in Magdeburg.. smoking at the bus stop and drinking booze..Bill: You can’t go wrong with that.Klaas: So you drive with your car, open doors, music on and Burger-King-badge?*people laughing*Tom: Yeah.. showing off, three BMW, lowered…Klaas: Well yeah, why not? The main thing is that you find back together and.. uh.. tell me, you just rightly said that you hid..Bill: Yeah..Klaas: That means that in the end you were so fed up that you said “That’s becoming too crazy, we have to disappear.” How bad was it in the end?Bill: Uhm, well it was.. we actually only wanted to have a second home somewhere in the sun, but then they broke into our house and that was the last thing.. it was also rather a prison, we had a fence where you couldn’t see through and there were always people there and we just couldn’t go out there anymore. We just were inside all the time and somewhen they also even broke into our house and after that we searched online for a house in LA and then we just disappeared within four weeks.(subtitle text that was shown said: “Did an interview-diet for more than one year”)Joko (to Georg and Gustav): But for you it’s easy? [concerning their private life]Georg: It’s really more relaxed, you can’t compare that.Klaas (to Gustav): You always have that firm handshake, people don’t dare to do such things to you, huh?Gustav (with puppy eyes): I’m sorry.Klaas: But you already used to have that [firm handshake] before! You almost broke half my hand then.Georg: He’s compensating something…Klaas: For example at VIVA Live he almost…Tom: Small noodle, firm handshake.*people laughing*Klaas: So is that an old saw from Magdeburg?Georg: An ancient wisdom from Magdeburg.Tom: Yes, a wisdom from Magdeburg.Joko (to Tom): Have you actually accepted by now that Bill is a bit strange? Because I can remember times in which you always nagged at Bill “He’s looking so weird”, and so on..Tom: Bill?Joko: Yeah.Bill: That has always been Georg.Tom: Actually it has always been Georg, yeah.Joko: Really?Georg: I always got a good dressing-down.Klaas: But between you, you sometimes even offended each other in interviews and I remember that sometimes it really came to real fights, and one sat next to you and it was almost a bit awkward..Bill: Really?Klaas: Yeah, because you thought “Just stop that already.” Is it between brothers that they fight mercilessly, is it still like that? I sometimes was a witness of it..Tom: Really? Where was that? At VIVA? Probably we frantically tried to get to MTV because all the time we were at VIVA..Klaas: I had also been there for years..Tom: Yes exactly… Nah, actually not at all, I mean of course we fight but Bill and me, we lead an identical life. 1 to 1. We know everything of each other. And that’s.. we sometimes fight really hard, because of course no one can provoke Bill better than me.Klaas: Yeah of courseTom: ..but that’s kept within limits actually. Because both of us do the same every day.Klaas: How is it when you work and when you’re on tour and you write a song, you’re mentally full in swing, and then you take a holiday for a year, especially in LA which is not really a city full of academics, how did you make it to not go daft in the hot sun?Tom: We didn’t make it.*people laugh*Tom: We dropped out of school at the age of 15, and then immediately to LA and now we’re completely stupid.Klaas: Well then. You didn’t lose your honesty.Bill: Well, we still had contact with all the people from Germany the whole time. It wasn’t that we didn’t see each other for four years and then said “Let’s do an album together quickly.” We just did nothing for one or 1,5 years. Then Tom and I build a homestudio and started to produce, we actually produced the whole album, Musically we did things for which we hadn’t had the time before. We always had studio sessions before where we had to record everything within 2 or 3 weeks. And this time we did it at home. So yeah, and Tom produced and programmed everything, not only guitar, synthesizers, piano and everything..Klaas: Well, you were really modest, you actually grew up to a, let’s say even more adepted musician.Bill: For us it was really important privately and also musically, we had so much time for the album that we could do way more on our own than we had done before.

Then Tokio Hotel join with the host to “Reise Nach Vulgarien”

(Explanation: they’re playing a game with German “swear words”. Someone’s saying a (invented) swear word and the next one has to say a new word that starts with the last letter of the previous word.)

Klaas: I’ll start with a little test round now, and simply say “jerk”. (“Trottel”)Gustav: Lolly. (“Lutscher”)Klaas: Very good. So I see you understood the game (…)

Klaas: And here we go.Bill: Donkey fucker. (“Eselficker”)Klaas: Yep, that’s a veritable swear word. – uhm, uhm, roulade ass! (“Rouladenarsch”)Gustav: …. *says nothing*Klaas: Aaaah, Gustav.. but that was an “h”. I’m sorry, I think you have to get up and stand behind the chair now.Gustav: I would have almost said “Hublot-wearer” now. (“Hublot-Träger”)Klaas: “Hublot-wearer”, oooh, that would have been false.Joko: Oooh, that statement would have reached us.Georg: Uhm, “Randfichten-Fan”. (“Randfichten” is a band who makes traditional german folk music)Klaas: Uhm, “Neomagazin”-host. (“Neomagazin-Moderator”)Tom: I always get the “r”, that can’t be true! I already had anus (“Rosette”)… Ass crack fucker! (“Ritzenficker”)Georg: Uuuhm, “bully”. (“Rüpel”)Klaas: Oh. Oh, such a subtle mister.Joko: Leek. (“Lauch”)Bill: Uuuhm, “sky-blue-lover”! (“Himmelblau-Liebhaber”) – [it’s wrong]Joko: *laughs* Awww.Bill: What? Why?!
Klaas: We asked 100 people, that’s not an insult. … Okay, what was it now?Tom: An “H”.Klaas: An “H”. You “Hämpfling”.Joko: Cucumber fucker. (“Gurkenficker”)Tom: …always “fucker”.Joko: Can we add “fucker” to every word?Klaas: Well then, radishes fucker. (“Radieschenficker”)Georg: Radish fucker. (“Rettichficker” – seems like Radieschen & Rettich are the same in english)Joko: Uh, something with “r” for a change!Tom: Uhm, snout pig. (“Rüsselschwein”)Joko: Umbilical cord wearer. (“Nabelschnurträger”)Klaas: That’s babies, that’s not an insult! “Umbilical cord wearer”…Tom: Yeah, that’s babies, that’s tasteless!Klaas: A very good insult… Nazi.Georg: Hedgehog fucker. (“Igelficker”)
Klaas: Animals, vegetables…and adding “-fucker” to that.Joko: ..something with “r”Tom: Ass crack cunt. (“Ritzenfotze”) – [it’s wrong] …What?!Joko: Maybe because it’s the same..Tom: You meant cunt and cunt is the same..?
Klaas: A so-called tautology.Georg (murmurs): Ugh, I have no chance.Klaas: So, “e”. … fleabag. (“Ekelpaket”)Georg: Uhm, tea drinker. (“Teetrinker”)Klaas: Snot slurper. (“Rotzschlürfer”)Bill: “f”!Georg: What?Bill: Ah, “RotzschlürfER”! …Georg: Uhm…Bill: Ass crack licker! Man! (“Rillenlecker”)Georg: No, not a clue.

Too bad Georg lost in the end HAHAHA


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