Tokio Hotel Play An Acoustic Session In Madgeburg For RadioSAW

Tokio Hotel continue their German promotion of their new album Kings Of Suburbia.

Today they come back in Magdeburg all together (Gustav was born and still live here and Georg lives here too) for a special mini concert for Radio SAW going acoustic with three new songs: beside the lead single Love Who Loves You Back, (previously performed at Wetten Dass, yesterday night) they played Girl Got A Gun and Louder Than Love + their smash hit Automatic from Humanoid.

We are going to listen all that tomorrow HERE

The band also had an exclusive interview with Radio SAW speakers about their new album after a pause of few years and more:


Interviewer: So how exactly did we manage to get you to play here for us on Radio SAW? Tom: We were actually very keen on it! We got a special acoustic set and it was really fun.

Interviewer: How was Wetten dass…? for you guys? Since it was your first performance after such a long time? Bill: It was really great, the people were nice, we had a lot of fun, the performance went really well! We only slept three hours then but it was worth it!

Interviewer: You’re now in Magdeburg, is it still like home for you or is it just a city for you guys? Bill: Well for Georg and Gustav it’s still home, they still live here. And for Tom and me, of course we feel connected to Magdeburg, we grew up here. And our family still lives here too of course. Tom: Home is for us where we have our own house, where our family, friends and dogs are. And yes we feel very connected to Magdeburg, we grew up here, had our first sex here, … *they both laugh*

Interviewer: Many of your family members are here, are going to meet them and have dinner together? Bill: Yes, it’s very stressful because we’re heading to Berlin tomorrow already but yes we’re trying to come together and eat something together. Tom: Pflaumenkuchen (plum cake). Bill: Yes, Pflaumenkuchen. (they laugh again)

Interviewer: So how many people told you that taking a long break is a career suicide? Bill: Everyone! Tom: Yeah, literally everyone told us but we didn’t care, we needed to take a break, we did it anyway.

Interviewer: What do you think about the criticism you receive? Are scared of it? Tom: No actually, we don’t read stuff like that because it’s mostly negative, a radio show in Berlin recently gave us a very good one and I was very glad about that, that’s the only one I’ve read.

Interviewer: We recorded the acoustic concert and gonna play some parts of it tomorrow, tomorrow morning you’re also going to hear the whole interview. You’ll get pictures of the concert and also a video so stay tuned! Now let’s listen to Love who loves you back!

The whole interview will be aired on Saturday, October 11 between 6pm and 8pm (German time)

Some lucky fans had the pleasure to meet the band, posing for a selfie with them and get an autograph too:


For who wasn’t so lucky, the boys appeared on the window for a lovely greet:


Tomorrow Tokio Hotel will be again in Berlin for another mini concert at Circus Halligalli for then moving in France where they will do a signing session in Paris on October 9.

Are you ready?

Stay tuned for more updates about the RadioSAW appearance 😉


Check the first part of Tokio Hotel appearance at Radio Saw with the acoustic session:

Voice-over: It’s the comeback of the year – and now the sensation. They celebrate their live-comeback in their hometown at Radio SAW.Bill (from 1:33): I think what we’ve learned and what we are trying to manage now – and I don’t know if it will work, let’s see – is to find that balance between our career and making music, and our private life. Because we’ve never had that before, we always worked non-stop and we never had that balance, which we were searching for and now we have that, and we try to keep that balance to also enjoy our career and the success. And so far we’ve had fun doing all our promo dates and everything’s great and we just try to keep it.Tom: Totally.Bill: And to have that balance so to say.Tom: Is it just me or.. I have the feeling I have a totally awesome radio-voice.Host: You really do have that. You can just come around sometimes if you want!Tom: As a host, huh?Fan talks about her joy of seeing Tokio Hotel.Host: Will there be a tour coming soon?Bill: Yes, definitely. Right now we’re planning how we want to do that. I think we’ll be on tour the entire next year and are going to play concerts. We don’t know yet when and how exactly, but we’ll figure that out in the next weeks.

What do you think about GGAG and LWLYB in acoustic version?

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