Tokio Hotel Listening Session On Spotify Soundrop

Yesterday evening at 8pm (German time), Tokio Hotel had an exclusive listening session with fans of their new album Kings Of Suburbia and for the occasion they answered to a couple of questions about their new songs, fav stuff, promotion and next tournee.

Check below the list of their replies:

  • “We found us” – Bill’s favourite song of the album.
  • Tom – My favourite is GGAG
  • Georg – I’m currently into LWLYB
  • “Great Day” is one of the last songs we’ve wrote for the album. can’t wait to play it live
  • We would love to come to Italy but the record company just cancelled the trip…

[about this point I have to say to be really really disappointed with Universal Italy, since Bill during Berlin press conference on October 2nd said they were going to come in Italy for promotion after France, the rumor floated around the web for days and everyone asked for some explaination about their Italian appearance didn’t received a reply. Now Italian Team and UMI spoke about saying Tokio Hotel never detailed it was about Italian record company and it wasn’t nothing planned about but I know that some lucky fans won a special listening of the album at Universal Music Italy in Milan on October 3rd, the day of German release, UMI told them to don’t say to the other fans there will not be any Italian promotion from Tokio Hotel but the fans said it as well but nobody believed it. How can it be possible that in just 24h or less they have cancelled a promotional trip? Probably we will never have an answer… That’s only my opinion and I hope they will come in Italy ASAP]

  • your support is amazing and we are overwhelmed!
  • Gustav – my fave is FIA
  • Do you know the feeling when your body wants to sleep but your heart can’t?!
  • Pumba is enyoing the Soundrop
  • @ Carla – Buddy is fine miss him so much
  • @ Joselyn Latin America shows is a YES
  • We are putting together first live dates for next year as we are talking
  • @ Tina the album art is featuring a sound wave that’s the line we always use
  • Which song would you put out as the next single?
  • @ Valeria def Banana Split
  • This our single “Love Who Loves You Back” – take your clothes of and enjoy the song
  • @ Cloui I love German Riesling
  • @ AAAALLLL make sure to request LWLYB at your local radio station!!
  • @ emmi – Make sure to not miss out on the new season of Homeland
  • We try to come everywhere – we’ll keep you posted!
  • This one is “Invaded”
  • One of the two ballades we wrote for this Album
  • @ Nadia – not yet
  • Gustav: Yes I have a dog!
  • @ Julie – There will be VIP packages at our Shows
  • Bill: I’m so exited!
  • @ Meme – Pumba is barking to GGAG !!!
  • Bill: We designed the whole merch personally.
  • GGAG!!!!! Who loves the video as much as I do? Tom
  • Bill: We just don’t want to translate anymore. But if I write a song in german it will stay german!
  • Next for you “Feel It All”
  • Turn your speakers up – it’s our favourite after hour song …
  • @ Emma – most difficult song was Covered in Gold
  • Bill: the whole video was just so much fun to make!
  • We might come over to Southamerica in November
  • @ Alexandra – GGAG was a LOT of fun to write, and Run was a really special song to sing in the Studio
  • Tom: For me writing “Covered In Gold” was Special.
  • Great Day represents the end – Bill
  • 5 minutes to go
  • Yes Döner, but we can’t have it anymore, cause we don’t eat meat – but Gustav does!
  • Final Post!!! coming up
  • Au revoir – bye – adios – ciao – doswidanija – tschüss …
  • thanks to everyone – we love you guys!

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