Tokio Hotel Hold An Exclusive Press Conference In Berlin

Tokio Hotel are back in German all together.

YES! Because this morning the four had an exclusive press conference in Berlin for their upcoming new album, Kings Of Suburbia, available from tomorrow in Germany and on Monday/Tuesday in the rest of the world.

Today it’s the first day of promotion for the band that had the occasion to answer to some questions from media, meeting fans and getting them a signing session with photos, hugs and smiles.

Before the appearance of the band, it was shoot a little movie/video with some clips about TH TV episodes, photos and their new music videos and three songs have been presented too

On Saturday, they will be the special guest of German talk show “Wetten Dass…?” and about that Tom replied: “Wetten dass is gonna be great, ’cause Megan Fox is there.” and also added: “Can’t somebody finally hand me a decent microphone here?”

And what about Kings Of Suburbia? Bill told: “Everyone who has a good taste in music will love the album.”

While to the question if Georg and Gustav will ever planned to move to LA their answered was: NO!

A little curiousity about a song of the new album: “Covered in Gold” was done right before the Album was finished.

The band also said they are going to announce other promotion dates soon.

Then the signing session started and a lot of lucky fans had the pleasure to shoot a picture with the boys, get an autograph or a hug, receiving also some KoS copies in exclusive a day before the official release:

Fore more photos: HERE, HERE and HERE

Check the full press conference: HERE

Tokio Hotel also appeared on Radio Fritz, always in Berlin and posed for few photos:

I’m so so happy to see them happy, all smiling and satisfied with their work. This pause needed to all of them, everyone needs a break to focus on own life and Tokio Hotel are ready to start a new chapter of their music life and I can’t wait to share a lot of moments with them 😉

Do you ever had the pleasure to meet Tokio Hotel or your favorite artist at a signing session?

Thanks for the photos