Real Life Creepy Clown Is Terrorizing California!

If you thought Twisty was scary after watching American Horror Story last week then you might not want to read this! Over the past few weeks residents of Wasco, California have been spotting an extremly creepy clown at city landmarks holding different things each time, including a baseball bat and a machete.

So far there have been over 20 sightings reported in a week with only one arrest, which turned out to be a 14-year old boy who said he was just pulling a prank.

Many social media sights, including one called wascoclown, have appeared teasing people of his wearabouts but police believe these are just copy cats and not the original.

This isnt the first time a city has been terrorized by a clown. Last march a similar clown was spooking the residents of Staten Island, New York. It was believed to be a publicity stunt but no one ever found out forsure.

What do you guys think of the creepy clown????