You+Me (P!NK&Dallas Green(City and Colour)) Release Debut Album, rose ave.

Duo You+Me, made up of Alecia Moore (P!NK) and Dallas Green of City and Colour released their debut album, rose ave. last week on October 14th. The sound on the album is very folk-y, with a heavy accoustic guitar presence and beautiful vocal harmonies.

The project was not always intended to be a full-length album; Pink commented that, “We really had no intention for this to become what it is. We were just two friends getting together and doing what we love and I couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished.” What started as two friends singing and playing guitar together has already been immensely successful. The album has already been immensely succesful, debuting on the Billboard Hot 200 at ##4 and #1 on the Folk Album Chart.

Check out the video for “Break The Cycle”, a single off of rose ave.!

You+Me’s rose ave. is avaible for purchase here!

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