My husband came in and said to come outside to see what he found sitting in front of the shed door. He made a round circle with his hands so it was easy to guess what he found !!! It was a Eastern Box Turtle we have lot’s of them here but never have I seen one that was Camera Shy before !!!

OH please come out so I can see you !!

Well at least I can see your nose !!!

So after waiting and nothing happening my husband picked it up and took it over to the grass where it was sunny !!

I stood there waiting for at least 5 minutes with my camera and still nothing so I went in the house and went back to what I was doing. Checking every once in awhile looking out the window, there was still no movement !!

But then I saw it start to walk !!! So I ran outside with my camera and as soon as I got out there it clammed up again !! I did that at least 6 times and every time it just stopped and disappeared into it’s shell 🙁

So finally I just stayed inside and watched from the window and yes it did POP it’s head out and finally I got a blurry photo but you can see it is alive !!

I still kept checking on it and saw it was crawling in the back along the fence so I snuck out there hoping to catch a photo of it and this is what happened 😀

That is one very SHY turtle !!!

After that I gave up and decided this little Sweet Lady isn’t shy at all ……

Thankfully we have very friendly Squirrely’s that love to pose 😀