The Most #EpicBucketList Contest (Ever)!

What do you want to do before you die? Well, MTV’s The Buried Life and Contiki want to help you cross all of your epic dreams off of your bucket list.

For their Most #EpicBucketList Contest (Ever), the Buried Life gang Ben Nemtin, Dave Ligwood, Duncan and Jonnie Penn are asking users to go to the contest’s website and select 5 of the featured 20 Epic Bucket List items. The list includes awesome trips, like “Sail The Greek Islands In A Private Yacht”, “Skinny Dip In The Great Barrier Reef”, and “See The Pyramids On Camelback In Egypt”. Contestants can increase their chances of winning by choosing a travel partner, sharing their lists through social media, and uploading photos and videos. The boys will review the most enthusiastic entries, and the winner will be announced on December 1st, 2014.

So, just how does someone manage to cross everything off of their bucket list? Ben has a great 7-step prgram.

#1. Stop and think about it. Really think about it.

#2. Write it down.

#3. Talk about it.

#4. Be persistent.

#5. Be ballsy.

#6. Help others.

#7. Your Turn.

Get started on the Most #EpicBucketList (Ever) ! Good Luck!!