Kristen Stewart Steps Up Fall Fashion Game + Smiles A LOT

As the years have gone on, I have developed a soft spot for Kristen Stewart. She used to not be my cup of tea but I feel like she is opening up to the world and is more comfortable with the whole “fame” thing. She’s even SMILING MORE! Fashion was never something I condoned K-Stew for, until recently. Now I’m not saying she is best dressed in Hollywood but her fashion game has been stepped up IMMENSELY.

After her hair chopping over the summer, I’m pretty sure something shifted in Kristen. She’s like wait…’I LOOK GOOD’. Take a look in the gallery below at the looks she’s rocked this October. I can get down with the leather, heels and neons she’s been rocking, that’s for sure.

What do YOU think of K-Stew’s fashion game?