From The Indie Vault: New Myths

New Myths – For fans of: HAIM, Warpaint, The xx

All-girl indie/rock band New Myths, comprised of Brit Boras, Rosie Slater and Marina Ross, are burning up Brooklyn with their haunting and ethereal vocals and killer chill-inducing melodies. With so much hype built around their newly released debut album, Give Me Noise, I was shocked to find that the trio was unsigned. Someone snatch these girls up! Maybe an opening spot for HAIM?

‘Haunting’ doesn’t even begin to describe the sound of their debut. Cleverly released in October, this has the potential to be a Halloween party playlist favorite and a companion for midnight graveyard visits…if you’re into that sort of thing.

Check out the video for “False Gold” below:

Give Me Noise is available now HERE.


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