EXCLUSIVE: Neon Trees Kills It At Their Guitar Center Sessions Taping!

Neon Trees KILLED IT yesterday at their taping of Guitar Center Sessions! Tyler has once again stolen our hearts and our obsession with Neon Trees just gets more intense each day. We can’t wait until you get to see this episode, you guys are going to FREAK!

We asked Tyler what he loved most about this experience:

“My favorite part was getting to really explain our background and where we draw inspiration. It was great getting to speak to Nic in depth about our music and our story. We also performed the songs in one take, so I think it gives the songs a raw approach that sometimes people don’t expect from us.”

Neon Trees’ episode of Guitar Center Sessions will air this winter as part of season 9! You’ll be able to see their live performance and interview with Nic Harcourt then. While we wait for season 9 to air, here are some pics to tease you. Courtesy of Guitar Center.

On a scale from 1-10000 how excited are you to see the Neon Trees Guitar Session?