EXCLUSIVE: The Madden Brothers Talk New Music, Their Reunion & More!

Hey Buzznet,

We got to sit down with Benji and Joel of The Madden Brothers to discuss their new music, tattoos, Pharrell and more…ENJOY!

You both have multiple tattoos. Are any of them especially significant to you?

All of them are significant (Joel.) All of the tattoos I got first. All the bad ones. (Benji)

The music from your debut album as The Madden Brothers is stylistically distinct from the music previously released with Good Charlotte. How has the creative process been different now that it is just the two of you?

We have a little bit more freedom to do what we want. (Benji)

Pharrell Williams co-wrote a couple of songs on Greetings from California. What was it like working with him?

Pharrell is an awesome guy to work with. Really fun and creative. (Benji)

Who are some of your favorite artists right now?

Ryan Adams, Echosmith, Vampire Weekend. (Benji)

Joel just finished being a judge on Season 3 of The Voice Australia. Benji also made an appearance as a coach on the show. Can you tell us what that experience has been like working with upcoming talent?

Its really fun encouraging new artists to go for their dreams. We had a blast. (Joel)

Recently fans were asked to post pictures on Instagram with signs telling the world what they are done with using #WeAreDone. What would you guys say you are done with?

We are done with any of the things that have held us back from being creative and happy. (Benji)

What made you guys want to join forces as a new group rather than doing your own solo projects?

We love working together. There’s nothing like hanging with your brother. (Benji)

If you had to describe your latest album in 3 words what would they be and why?

Creative, musical, fulfilling. (Benji)

You have been touring in Australia in support of Greeting from California, are their any plans for an American tour?

Yes doing a few dates this year. Much more touring to come in 2015. (Joel).

The Madden Brothers just released a new album so be sure to pick it up on iTunes HERE!

What do you think of their reunion and new music?