EXCLUSIVE Interview: Rixton Talk Ariana Grande, Heartbreak, Ed Sheeran & More!

I got a chance to interview one of our favorite British sensation…RIXTON!

Your music videos are so cute and funny! Do you guys keep a good sense of humor between you all? Do you ever play pranks on each other?

We try to make sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously and keep everything light hearted! We play pranks on each other from time to time but nothing too severe!

What was it like working with Benny Blanco and Ed Sheeran on the album? How do you like collaborating with other artists for projects?

Working with Benny an Ed was a dream come true for all of us! Were all huge fans of Benny’s work and getting in the studio with him you realise how he is one of the biggest producers of our generation! Ed is the definition of a superstar and on top of being an incredible artist and writer is the nicest guy!

Lots of your music centers around heartbreak. Does this come from personal experience? Does writing music act like a kind of therapy?

We try to write about universal relatable topics! It just so happens that a few of the topics are about broken hearts!

Jake has said that some of the songs on this album have survived six years. What message would you want to give fans who are working hard to pursue their own dreams, just like you guys are?

Just do it for the love of it! You’ll have 100 people that won’t give you a chance but there will be someone out there that shares your vision!

What are you most looking forward to about touring with Ariana Grande?

Were looking forward to getting to see all the states in the US, meeting all the fans! Were also playing some prestigious venues around America that will be incredible!

They recently did a secret show with Myspace and you can watch the FULL SET HERE!

What is YOUR favorite Rixton song??