Ever Wish Broccoli Tasted Like Ice Cream? Now It Can, See How Here!!

Have you ever eaten something and wished it was something else, like Brussel sprouts and wished it was ice cream?? Well you don’t have to dream anymore, the answer to your prayers is finally here!! Introducing the AROMAFORK, a new dinner fork that focuses on smell instead of tasted.

How does it work?? There is a small circle on the work that the smell or food of your choice can be placed into and the fork admits that odor while you eat. According to MOLECULE-R, the designers of the AROMAFORK, we can only taste five things (Salty, Sweet, Bitter, and Savory) so the majority of what you are tasting comes from what you smell anyway, which is why when you have a cold and are all stuffy your taste is messed up!

Check out the video of the AROMAFORK in action below!

Do you think this is amazing or really stupid? let me know what you think!!!