Artist Spotlight: Boyz II Men

For todays artist spotlight, im taking it all the way back to the 90’s! For the rest of you 90’s babies, the name Boyz II Men will be extremly familiar. Boyz II Men are a R&B vocal group consisting of Nathan Morris, Wanya and Shawn Stockman. Known for their smooth melodies, Boyz II Men grew to fame in the early 90’s after thier debut album Cooleyhighharmony sold over 9 million copies and earned them a grammy.

After being under the radar for a while, they have come back swinging! They have currently been touring non stop, signed up to play during the Eagles vs. Giants half time show in Philadelphia and have been putting the finishing touches on their new album, much to their fans delight.

Check out this throw back of one of my all time favorite Boyz II Men songs, End Of The Road, and be sure to catch them at the Terry Fator Theatre at Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV while they are their from November 7th to December 28th.

Be sure to grab a copy of their new album Collide when it hits stores October 21.