Album Review: Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’

Every two years, Taylor Swift graces us with a brand new album, and her newly released pop masterpiece, 1989, is a tour de force of unexpected pop magic. At one point during my first listen I had to pause and revel in the fact that Swift has taken so many fearless leaps when it comes to her music. She could have made another country/pop album, but we already have four of those. It is officially Swift season!

1989 is a sparkling fifth release that I’ve been anticipating since she announced the album this past summer. Lead single, “Shake It Off,” is only a juicy tidbit of what this album is made of – sass, class, depth, maturity and overall empowerment. I think TIME delivered it perfectly, stating, “Who are these songs about? When they sound this good, who cares?”

The album opens up with the high energy Ryan Tedder-tinged “Welcome To New York.” A track I personally feel, with my nineteen years of being a New Yorker, is a happy welcome from the every day scenes of my own personal New York experience. There’s some sexy synth action going on in this one. I highly approve! It’s kind of eye-opening to see your city through the eyes of others, especially Swift. I wonder if she’s ridden the subway yet…

One sentiment that kept running through my mind during the entire album was “holy @#$%!!” To say I wasn’t expecting the glorious sounds that came out of my speakers today would be the understatement of the year. “Blank Space” had me on my toes, and I’m pretty sure my heart matched every beat. “Style,” “Bad Blood,” and “This Love” all represent change – beautiful, ever-glowing, vibrant change. The good kind of change that we all go through. Transitioning into who you truly are is the most attractive quality on a person and Swift wears it well.

Personal favorite and album closer, “Clean,” is one of those songs that you can use as a guide for getting back on your feet. Imogen Heap adds her brilliant touch to this one so elegantly. It’s everything every last track on an album should strive to be: haunting and empowering with a touch of remorse and urgency.

I knew she had it in her and I’m excited that it’s finally come out. 1989 is an album of impressive well-crafted pop anthems that we’ll be dancing and crying to for generations to come.

“It’s like I’ve got this music in my mind saying it’s gonna be alright.”


1989 is available now!