Welcome To The Generation Of Cool

When we were little kids, all we ever wanted to do was be cool. We wanted to hang with the “cool kids”, do really awesome things that in return would make us cool. That’s all our little minds aspired to be. Cool was just something everyone strived for.

2014: Welcome to the generation of cool.

I know a lot of us pretend to not care about being cool. But, deep down there’s still every little bit of you that wants to be. We try to get “cool” jobs. We brag to our friends about the “cool” opportunities we have coming up. We say we’re friends with “cool” people. We’re so busy with these “cool” adult things. We have thousands of followers and that makes us “cool”. America has became glossy people, who only care about that four letter word.

Gosh, I’m so sick of everyone trying to out-do each other. Trying to one-up each other. Buttering up our friends so they still think we’re cool. Writting reviews of records so the artist will think you’re cool and want to become friends with you. Pretending to be friends with people, who in realitly have no idea who you are, or are not truly your friends. What happend to just doing you.

We turn to social media sites to make us feel better. You can have a horrible day, run home and take a selfie, upload it to instagram… BAM hundreds of likes or comments saying “You’re so pretty”.. “I want to be you”. Those things reassure us that we are still in-fact cool. Those thing have no depth.

Have a spine… do you.. stop thinking you’re cool… you’re not. Those colorful macaroons are cool though. I mean, Almost Famous did predict the future of our generation. Cool is just a filter we add to our life. Don’t use it.



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