Urban Goddess – 30 stunning DIY circlet ideas

The Moon stands for everything hidden, magical and subconscious and has been linked to the feminine since the beginning of the times. As I grow older, I am feeling more and more in tune with my true Goddess energy and I am trying to infuse everything I do with a little bit of extra magic these days, may it be the songs that I write, the outfits I make or the meals I’m preparing for my friends. The key is to be present with no fear – sometimes hard but totally achievable during this lifetime I hope<3

As of fashion, I find myself moving away from the bubblegum concepts into a more grown up territory and feeling thrilled by epic flowy fabrics more than tight little outfits.

One thing every Goddess needs is a good circlet. I have been on a hunt for one for a long time but everything that I love seems to be so expensive so I started looking for DIY ideas. Looks like with some wire, pliers and beads, it’s totally not neck breaking to create one of these amazing pieces to crown the head of a true Goddess that every woman is.

Check out some of these stunning ideas and don’t forget to sow off your creations during MoonChild Monday<3