Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 07] ’Behind The Scenes Of Girl Got A Gun‘

It’s Wednesday, we are in the middle of the week and we can’t miss our usual appointment with Tokio Hotel TV.

As previously showed on Monday, in this episode we jump into Kris Moyes’ visionary world and check out the making of “Girl Got A Gun” music video which divided the world. Who loves it and who doesn’t, but once is sure: Tokio Hotel don’t care! They do it what they want and what they love to do, they love expressing theirselves in a different way and last but definitely not least it’s just a promotional single 😉

Meet Sissy, Kissy, Missy and found out who’s inside TOKO in this exclusive 7th episode!

Tokio Hotel tweeted:

“Wanna know what happend behind the scenes during the #GGAG video shoot! Find out in TH TV episode 7…. //


Don’t miss the next episode, airing on October 1st in which we are going to discover the making of “Love Who Loves You Back” the official lead single of Kings Of Suburbia!

And if you didn’t pre-order your King Of Suburbia copy on iTunes, do it now!

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