Tokio Hotel Ask You What’s Your Favorite Scene Of Tokio Hotel TV

Few hours ago Tokio Hotel shared the fifth episode of Tokio Hotel TV.

Now the band is asking us to tell what’s our favorite scene of the new season, the guys tweeted:

“What’s your favorite scene of TH TV’s new season so far? Tell us using #TokioHotelTV”

So if you have a Twitter account share your fav scenes there too tweeting to @tokiohotel.

Leave a comment below with your preferences, you can write about, sharing photos, gifs, whatever you want.

I think mine are the “mimimi” scene, when they talk about Kings Of Suburbia and how they love what they do and they changed their style, and last but definitely not least Bill & Pumba scene with the bone in the photoshooting backstage.

Since now I’m loving all the TH TV episodes, I know how they are developed and how we are going to see Wednesday by Wednesday.

I’m waiting for your answers, Buzzneters and also Tokio Hotel do 😉