Tokio Hotel Answer About “Run, Run, Run”

On Sunday Tokio Hotel tweeted to Aliens to ask them anything about “Run, Run, Run” music video and song using the hashtag #KingsofSuburbia.

The band picked three of those questions and replied via Facebook.

Check them below 😉

You asked about RUN, RUN, RUN – here are our answers:

Bill, what inspired your look for this video?Bill: The song itself. The pureness and the simplicity. I always wanted to work with my close friend Gianluca Fellini who is a very talented artist and for that video i knew we would see eye to eye. It was the perfect symbiosis and we created something great together. The shoes were my idea though

Is this the lead single of the new album?Georg: The lead single is gonna be the third one we release….the third video you guys gonna see. I am so excited for that song and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Where are Georg and Gustav in the Run, Run, Run video?Bill: Georg and Gustav are gonna be in the video for the actual lead single. Of course! They didn’t participate in the Run shoot simply because there is no other instrument than the piano. They loved the video though… we are all happy with it.Tom: For us as a band it’s not about ego or who is most on the screen or any of that shit. We always want to create what’s best for the band and what we love. There is no such thing as fighting about who is in the video or who is not. The same is the case for the artwork or album cover….it’s about the art and what feels right.