Run Wild Live Free Love Strong: New Music

I wanted to share somes new tunes with my Buzznet pals! We all started this journey for the love of music, right? Let’s bring back the tune talking blogs! My dear aussie fan-girling pals, For King and Country, just released their new record on Tuesday. Holy smokes is it the greatest record of 2014.

I’m always impressed with them. They know how to change the game in an industry that puts out mimcs of melodies. I first met these guys in 2012 when they were just getting ready to release their first record. Their style might of evolved, but they’re still the same charming gentlemen now.

Run Wild Live Free Love Strong is an anthem of brilliant story telling. From the heart-felt ‘without you’ featuring Luke’s wife Courtney (it will leave you in tears). To the highly-danceable ‘Run Wild’. The spectrum of emotion is covered front to back. We can’t forget about ‘Fix My Eyes’, a modern-day spin on how you should be living your life.

For King and Country are hitting the road this fall, and I can only imagine how well crafted the show will be. These guys are not only musicians, but dreamers and creators. They take the story right off the page and turn it into a living cinematic moment. You will leave the show craving to see it a million times again.

Run Wild Live Free Love Strong speaks to your soul. Purchase the record to see what I’m talking about here: //