Reviewed: Banks ‘Goddess’

Pop/R&B songstress, Banks, has that chills-down-your-spine-factor, and she definitely brings it on hardcore on her highly-anticipated debut, Goddess.

With bewitching bass lines and sweet melancholy melodies that would make TLC and Aaliyah proud, Jillian Banks has unleashed a classy monster of an album, and I have a feeling it only gets better from here.

Singing of heartbreak and shame (“Waiting Game”) to intimidating the less fortune of beings, (“Brain”) it’s pretty clear that the singer’s usual enigmatic demeanor holds more force than what’s shown on the surface. She lets the music speak for itself. Her voice, angelic yet unapologetic, channels Nelly Furtado which is hard to ignore yet ultimately satisfying to say the least.

Naming her album “Goddess” was quite clever. Jam packed with empowering girl power anthems of the introverted, some might actually start coming out of hiding and finally start to make some noise. Good riddance! Ladies, this is the album you’re going to be quoting cryptically on social media. Watch out, boys!

Needless to say, Banks’ debut can only be described as its title. You better get this.


Goddess is available now HERE.

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