Meagan Good snaps back on Instagram about nude pictures

Meagan Good is once again defending herself against those who might hold her to a higher standard as the wife of a minister.

The starlet was one of a handful of celebrities whose naked photos were leaked to the public in recent weeks. She’s received criticism from those in the Christian community who questioned why she’d be taking and sending such photos to her husband.

“we don’t send each other nudes .. I sent him picture because I was away from months filming,” Meagan responded to an Instagram user who reposted her naked photo and questioned her Christianity.

“How righteous is that union if y’all infatuated with the flesh?” the social media follower asked.

Another critic accused Meagan of only being with hubby DeVon Franklin for his money.

“I have my own money,” she snapped back.

This doesn’t mark the first time Meagan has felt the need to defend herself to the Christian community. She also came under fire in 2013 for wearing a cleavage-revealing dress to the BET Awards.

“I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with being sexy,” she told Rolling Out earlier this year. “God created our bodies as women. He created us to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be powerful, to be fearless—to be amazing.”