Jordan JAE’s Favorite Movies About High School!

1. Grease

I love the movie Grease! The story of Grease is about local boy, Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and vacationing girl Sandy Olson (Olivia Newton John) who meet at a beach and fall in love. They think they might never see each other again but they end up seeing each other at school in senior year of high school. Nothing is cooler than watching Rydell High School with the “Greasers” and the “Pink Ladies”. Grease has always been one of my favorite movies ever since I was little and performed the song “We got Together”. I have memorized every word to all the songs! Olivia Newton John and John Travolta are also both unbelievable actors and it is so cool to see the transformations in their careers. Watching John Travolta then and now in Hairspray or other recent films is really amazing! It is a must watch if you have not seen it!

2. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink is one of my favorite movies! It’s all about love and social cliques in the 1980‘s American high school. Actress and high school senior, Molly Ringwald, is the girl going through high school that has to choose between her best friend and the guy of her dreams. It is awesome to see a time where there were “Metalheads, Punks, and New Wavers”. Also, who does not love watching a movie with a prom scene? The characters are vibrant and it’s quirky, funny and romantic. It’s so relatable and realistic! Seriously recommend it 100%.

3. Mean Girls

One of the best go to movies is Mean Girls! It is so hilarious and my friends and I can actually quote most of the movie! It stars Lindsay Lohan and features an amazing supporting cast with one of my favorites, Amanda Seyfried. The movie is about the social dynamic in school. What it’s like to be the new kid, peer pressure, fitting in, and finding yourself. It has all aspects of high school life but of course a little dramatized. The famous “Burn Book” is unforgettable. From the famous lines “you can’t sit with us” and “she doesn’t even go here” Mean Girls will have you laughing non-stop!

4. Harry Potter Series

Of course, I couldn’t forget this series! Harry Potter is about wizards and one of the greatest friendships ever written about. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are the unstoppable trio! This threesome goes through their good and bad times. The series includes love, magic, school, adventure, and so much more! These movies are always exciting and there’s never a dull moment! A must see!

5. The Karate Kid

The karate kid is an inspirational underdog movie. It’s about a boy Daniel La Russo, a high school senior, who moves with his Mother from Newark, NJ to Los Angeles, CA. Daniel befriends an attractive high school cheerleader, which draws attention to her popular obnoxious ex-boyfriend, who is skilled at “Cobra Kai”, a vicious form of karate. Daniel is tormented and physically beaten by this “Cobra Kai” gang of kids. Daniel luckily meets, Mr. Miyagi, who teaches Daniel karate and how to defeat his bullies. The Karate Kid teaches us that you have to keep your hopes up and keep trying. Also, we learn that practice makes perfect and overall the good guys win!

What are YOUR favorite High School themed movies?