I was happy I was able to get 3 photos of this hummingbird before they all left on their migration to Central and South America for the winter. Right after I took this photo it flew right up to my camera lens but of course I was zoomed in for this shot. I was only about 3 feet away when I took this photo it’s not the greatest but at least it was somewhat in focus. I can’t tell you if this is a female or a juvenile male since the young males don’t get their red throats for quite some time. The adult males have been gone for weeks now they always leave first. The others usually leave the end of September but some might be moving through from the north a little longer so they might show up here. I always keep my feeder out until mid October for just in case.

This is a Ruby Throated Hummingbird BTW that is the only species of Hummingbirds on the east coast of America. The females and males mate and that is it !! They are not social birds with each other and they are very territorial. Once they mate the males go on to mate with other females. The female does everything they build their own nests feed the babies [they have 2 at a time] hunt for insects for their babies and keep up the nest housecleaning for the babies. The nests are made out of spider silk and bits of leaves. It’s done that way so it can expand as the babies grow. They will continue to feed their babies a week after they leave the nest. They are the only birds that can fly upsidedown and backwards !!! The most amazing and fierce tiny creatures. And the females seem to be very curious of people they will fly right up to your face to check you out it’s happened many times to me 😀

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