If you are just going into Fall /Autumn I hope it’s Magical for you. Fall is my favorite season of the year. It was a beautiful day here on Monday it was sunny all day and had a nice crisp feel in the air not cold just very comfortable. I took this photo last month when I found this insect in one of my birdbaths it looked alive but close to drowning. I rescued it and got the camera and took many photos of it on my hand. It’s called a Net-Wing Beetle even though you may think it looks like a moth it’s a beetle. Well after closer inspection I thought it was dead so I took it into the house and put it in my greenhouse window. There it sat for hours and late into the night I realized it was alive !!! So I took it outside in the dark and released it 😀

I’m very good at bringing insects back to life but I don’t think there are many jobs requiring that 😀

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