EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel ‘Girl Got A Gun’ Music Video Premiere

Ok guys, we have waited a little bit longer but it worthed it and also it’s been such a challenge to calm down after have watched Tokio Hotel‘s new music video because it’s


Before to be completely addicted to this song and this music video, directed by Kris Moyes, meet Sissy, Kissy and Missy and…… TOKO XD

And we have also a Tom with cap and bandana on a motorbike and a super sexy bare-breasted Bill with a sadomasochist mask.

Boy better run run run, boy better run run

Girl got a gun, gun

Girl got a gun, gun

Girl got a gun


Girl Got A Gun music video premiere:

Tokio Hotel – Girl Got a Gun from Kris Moyes on Vimeo.

The music video is available also on Tokio Hotel’s VEVO channel but it’s censored (I don’t know why this is censored and other music videos more explicit aren’t, but ok…)

What do you think about this music video?

Do you like the song?

Don’t miss the behind the scenes of Girl Got A Gun, tomorrow on Tokio Hotel TV