EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel Announce The New Album ‘Kings Of Suburbia’

Tokio Hotel are officially back. We can say it loud!

On September 2, the band shared a message on their Facebook account saying:

A message to you! See our new playlist here: //open.spotify.com/user/tokiohotel_official/playlist/2DptxsHYfOsKsH5qW0DNo9

Clicking on Spotify link you can notice a playlist full of songs and the first letter of each song form a word….


The whole web community went crazy and the fans couldn’t believe of what they were seeing.

The day later on YT, the band shared the fourth episode of Tokio Hotel TV. In this episode they just talk about the upcoming album and how they were ready to release it a year back.

On Instagram, Bill revealed the artwork of Kings Of Suburbia album.

Meanwhile the band are shooting the second video, always revealed by Bill on his Instagram profile. [HERE and HERE]

The album will be available in three versions:

– Standard (with 11 tracks)

– Deluxe (with 4 bonus tracks)

– Super Deluxe/Limited Edition (with the deluxe version, a bonus DVD, two vinyls, a book with 50 photos, two MC of their demos when they still called DEVILISH)

“Kings Of Suburbia” will be available on October 3rd and October 7th, 2014 in different countries.

The tracklist:

For now the pre-order on iTunes is opened, so save a copy for you and spread the voice to all your friends:


Pre-order links for @tokiohotel‘s , #KingsOfSuburbia, based on country: https://m.facebook.com/tokiohotelusa/photos/pb.256215232591.-2207520000.1409930206./10152323458522592/?type=1&source=54&ref=bookmark