DIY Tuesday – Bringing back the hama beads

I was so excited to dip my toes into the electronic music scene back in 2011 because I was obsessed with the 90’s rave vibes and people used to tell me stories about the most amazing illegal raves in the deserts and other gorgeous places where everyone would go and dress up and it was all hush hush and about PLUR.

Unfortunately the secene has very little to do with PLUR these days which makes me super sad. And now that the kandi bracelets have become just a fashion statement, I think it’s time to stumble upon something new that still satisfies the rave heart’s harajukuesque sweet tooth….wait for it….wait for it…..hama beads!

Hama beads are super oldschool and every kid that grew up in the 90’s should remember them well but aren’t they just so cool? I think it’s time to bring them back and I’ve found tons of epic patterns to play around with, from Sailor moon to hello kitty to storm stroopers. So simple and would make amazing jewelry, gifts and house decorations. Imma get some of these!!!

What do u think?