Get To Know The Babes of The Darling Stiletto’s!

The Darling Stiletto’s was created by Ace Harper and her husband Matt Sorum who has played drums for bands like Guns n’ Roses, The Cult, Velvet Revolver & Camp Freddy.. The creative director & choreographer for the band is the well known LA based Jennifer Hamilton. Tina Cookson is one of the Darling Stiletto babes and is also the producer of the group. The Darling Stiletto’s put on a high energy rock n’ roll show full of great music, sexy dance moves and killer fashion! The band consists of 5 girl members who each have their own individual style. You have Dylan the classic queen, Sid the trouble maker, Nico the glam babe, Jagger the british bitch and Harley the metal mama!! The band performs cover songs but also has their own original tracks!

The band is located in Hollywood, CA.. you can check them out at place like The Viper Room, The Roxy and sometimes in Vegas!! Their next show is September 13th at the Viper Room.. They go on at 11 p.m.

Be sure to check out these babes! It’s hard to not fall in love with their rocker style & memorable personalities..

xx HB