British Artist D*FACE Gives More Insight To Xtina “BIONIC.” Art

For those unfamilair with D*Face’s work, he also designed the art work for Christina Aguilera’s “Bionic.”

“Christina and her then-husband Jordan Bratman had been buying my work for a while,” explained D*Face. “They became good friends and we regularly hung out. Jordan is still one of my good friends, one of the nicest people you could meet — a true brother.

“When Christina asked me if I’d produce the artwork for her then-upcoming album, I was obviously flattered, but also concerned as in truth, I didn’t listen to her music. While she’s cool and I enjoyed hanging out with her, it wasn’t the music I listened to and I couldn’t see how what I did would fit with what she was doing. She explained that I’d have complete creative control and work directly with her and Jordan on the artwork. I asked her to let me listen to the album and see what came to mind. She told me, ‘I like the skulls being revealed in your paintings, but don’t make me dead.’

“The album had a futuristic feel, but at the same time a nostalgia to it, and whether you like her music or not, she is an incredible singer— her voice is unbelievable. To me it seemed fairly natural to make her appear to be made up of musical components, like a steampunk robot. The feedback was fairly minor, so while producing the artwork was incredibly time-consuming, it went fairly smoothly.”

You can also feel the passion and vibrancy within his art.

“I’m honored to do what I love and love what I do,” said D*Face. “I live comfortably from the sale of my artwork and have incredibly loyal fans and collectors. I’d never imagined that 15 years ago, when I had next to nothing and was happy to give my work away… I believe you should be able to feel the artists’ presence when viewing the work and I hope this is apparent in my work.”

Do you like Bionic art?

What’s your fav song of that album?


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