Artist Spotlight: XO Stereo!

Hey Buzznet,

I have some new music for you to fall in love with. My really good friend Justin Whitesel started a new band called XO Stereo that I got to see live last night for the first time!

They had their show with Escape The Fate at The Glass House in Pomona, CA! When we first showed up, there was already a good crowd of people excited to see them hit the stage. I hadn’t seen Justin play since a tour we were on when he was in his old band called Love Hate Hero so I was just as eager as every fan watching. The second they came on it was instant energy, they even got people jumping up and down screaming the lyrics!

One of my favorite songs to see live was “Show And Tell” which you can see in the video below…

I was sad to see them finish but was so proud, excited and impressed by their performance that I already can’t wait to see them play again!

Another rad band played after them called Hideouts that you should definitely give a listen to as well.

The headlining band was one I know you all know and love, Escape The Fate, who of course KILLED it!

Overall, it was just a magical night getting to see so many familiar faces and important people in my life doing what they love while making other people smile.

If you haven’t checked out XO Stereo yet follow them and keep an eye out for when they come to a city near you 🙂