Anorexia Is Not A Trend

“My name is Kaitlyn, I’m 19 years old, and I’ve been in recovery from an eating disorder for almost 2 years. I struggled mainly with bulimia for about 8 years and I used to feel like my eating disorder had become who I was and that it would never leave me alone. I thought I didn’t even want it to go away because whenever I tried to recover, I’d run right back into its cruel yet seemingly comforting arms.

I just want to say that there is hope no matter how long you’ve suffered from an eating disorder, whether it be 10 days or 10 years, you can take your life back. Believing in yourself can be really difficult and I still have trouble with it sometimes, but I’ve learned to separate the voice of my eating disorder from my own voice and I found that I actually have some great things to say.

Your body is wonderful, you are important, and your thoughts and ideas are worth listening to no matter what your eating disorder says. Recovery isn’t always easy, but it can feel really great”. via //

photo: “Size Zero” by Lua Ahmed

All the time we follow the new trends in lifestyle. Experts often say that we need to change our life. We spend more and more money to be “perfect”. Why we do it? I though a lot about this. We try to copy the bad authorities. Maybe we are blind but I don’t want to be the next person who lives in this way. So, I want to begin this blog from entry about eating disorders. I mentioned about them on Buzznet but I think about going back to my project: “Eat, You Have A Choice!” because I see many people who suffer from the eating disorders.

by me

Yesterday I watched Polish talk-show “Rozmowy W Toku”. This episode was about young girls( 11-12 years ago). Mothers are worried about them because girls feel fat and these don’t want to eat.

Why?Because you have to be beautiful to be liked or one of them wants to be Miss Poland( “Miss World is too much”)

How girls feel?FAT!!! I don’t joke.

Girl no 1: she thinks that she has cellulite, even she showed! But she doesn’t have it. Mom said her that she “has” it. Mother answered that she will have when she will be older. Girl has problem with health and in future she may die…

Girl no 2: She thinks that she has too fat tummy anf thighs. Girl is too thin. Her mom laughed when she called her and she said about “fat” tummy.

photo: “To eat or not to eat?” by daniellehelm

What do girls? Don’t eat. Maybe sometimes ice cream or apple. But the next exercise to lost calories.

Effect?Young girls, I should to write KIDS lose weight. And are proud of it.

What do mothers? TV showed the second side of this problem.

Mom no 1: she screamed at daughter that she will beat her if she will not eat. She showed daughter documents about anorexia and anorectic girls. But she loves their look!!! She wants to be like these skinny girls from Internet.

Mom no 2- when she was young she was bulimic. She wanted to that her daughter was ok. Her idea killed me. When her daughter was a 5 year old she began to talk her about bulimia. It was horrible to her. She from few years hearing about this ilness and now she doesn’t want to eat. She wants to be like her mom.

“Eating disorders are so common in America that 1 or 2 out of every 100 students will struggle with one. Each year, thousands of teens develop eating disorders, or problems with weight, eating, or body image.”-by

During last month’s being anorexic is a new trend in Poland. Girls looking for advices how to stay anorexic. These think that eating disorder is like a stuff. If you don’t like, you can choose new. But it doesn’t work in this way. I remember one tweet “delicate anorexia is cool”. I don’t know what’s going on with kids. But there is the only blame, lies around us. You have to be perfect, you have to be skinny, you have to beautiful to be someone saying media without any break. But it’s crazy. Really.

photo: “One size fits all” by Ralph Aichinger

I thought a lot about it what I should to show you in this entry. I don’t want to triggering you. But now I want to say about pro ana community. So, please if you struggle with eating disorders don’t read. I don’t want to hurt you. Recovery is a hard journey and I believe in your back to heath.

My name is Amy. I’m 16 and struggled with anorexia for about a year.I know it’s not that long compared to quite a lot of people who have struggled for years, but I still went through it. I was sick of not being noticed. I used to be seen as smart but then my best friend was the one who everyone joked as a ‘nerd’. Noone acknowledged me anymore and she started to even challenge me in my best subjects which were her worst. Of course she beat me. My other friends stopped hanging out with me.. I didn’t know why but I recently found out it was because of her. So I stopped eating. I wanted to be skinny because of the compliments they gave everyone else on their body.

I went through hell. But I only intended to lose weight, not become stick thin. But my boyfriend forced me to go see my counsellor. Who asked me to ring up a nutritionist. I did. I started to try but of course I was in bad moods and delicate. My boyfriend-25months- broke up with me and dated someone else. I was devastated. I gave up. I was depressed, suicidial and self harming. But he was still there for me secretly. I told him. I had noone- but everyone was nice. I met a girl who encouraged me to recover. My teacher who is closest to me talked to me. I tried again. I started to socialise and fit in with my old group (although my best friend doesn’t talk to me). Guys treated me well. I was happy. My boyfriend wanted me back. Now I’ve got my period back and am I fraction of a bit off my target weight.

I am happy and loving my life. I still struggle at times but I NEVER have such a bad day that I don’t complete my calorie target.I’m happy. Everyone deserves that.//

What is pro ana?

Pro ana= pro anorexia(pro mia= pro bulimia) is one of the worst communities. I believe that should be banned. In this place promoted is anorexic/bulimic lifestyle. Member are called “butterflies”. They think that you have to be the skinniest person. Ever!!! You can die but no one care about it. Pro ana is a brutal step to eating disorders. photo: “Part 2” by Jasmine Tieu

Where: Every place in Internet. But mainly forums, tumblr, and Twitter. Sometimes Facebook.

What you can find there:

Thinspirations(from words thin and inspirations): everything what inspires you to lose weight: from quotes, songs, movies, books to photos of models and anorexic girls, sometimes obese people.

Advices: how to lose weight, how to don’t think about food, how to lies your parents and doctors

Contact: other “butterflies” supporting you in your goals to lose weight.

How looks pro ana blog/page:

Pro Ana Lies:


I’m sad because my doctors told me the medication overdose, the pills, the bulimia, laxatives, and starving have hurt my stomach and liver astronomically. The doctor told me if it doesn’t get better, if the results of the tests I will go through in the next month don’t show up better, I have up to 10 years left.

I just want to tell everyone out there, that this is the result of poor dieting, mal-nutrition, starving, and wanting an eating disorder. It doesn’t get more brutal than this. So everyone out there, recover while you can!! Life is beautiful, and don’t let a number out there define who you are. I wish I could hug everyone out there who goes through these horrible things. Because it does get better, but sometimes it has consequences. I may never get to work in wildlife-preservation, Biology, Physics, and photography like I dreamed. I may never make it past 26, but you know what, I’m hopeful.

I’m torn up, I’m trying to heal, and I’m eating well again. There is so much beauty in the world and I may never even see it. But that won’t stop me from trying. Bless you for reading my post. Stay safe, forever and always. x //

Unfortunately, I discovered pro ana too. And this is the reason why I talk about it so loud. I think that this place changed me a lot. It’s like a hell. You can’t think just you are like a machine. You don’t care about your life, just you care about calories. You don’t care about people. Pro ana brought ma a lot of pain, but today I don’t want to say about it. Bring hope is my the only goal. Coming soon, I’ll tell you more. Where to get help?

Click here to check out NEDA website

Lindsey Stirling( from interview for my Buzznet blog):

“I read that you struggled with eating disorders, and I trying tosupport young people fight with this illness and another problems onmy blog. Do you have any tips for people struggling with this?

Lindsey Stirling: The number one most important thing is to be able to admit you need help, and seek it. You aren’t alone, and you aren’t expected to beat it on your own. There are people waiting, begging, hoping you will reach out to them. Let them help you so that you can overcome and then be in a position to help others who struggle too.”

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