Amanda Bynes Arrested AGAIN! For What?!

And just when you thought she was finally getting her life back together this happens! 28-year-old Amanda Bynes was pulled over around 3AM on sunday, September 28th in Van Nuys and was charged with driving under the influence of an unidentified drug (which is currently being looked into)

Amanda is still under probation from a DUI charge that she recieved back in December 2012. After posting 15,000 dollars bail, Amanda was released and currently has a court date set for October 23rd of this year.

Amanda’s mug shot from her previous DUI, she has come so far from this I hope she doesn’t return!

The Judge has been more than fair with Amanda and understanding that she is sick, but will she finally get taught a much needed lesson or will she continue spiraling down again??

What do you guys think of Amanda? Is it time she get sent to jail? (not for an hour like most celebrities face)