Album Review: SOS Capture Youth in Decline on Self-Titled Debut

Portland, OR duo, SOS (Shadows on Stars), comprised of Randa Leigh and Brian Vincent, are embarking on the creative journey of a lifetime. They released their self-titled debut album this week, and if my predictions are correct, they just might be the world’s next new buzz band.

There’s something about the power of youth that I just can’t put my finger on, but as I get older, I find myself trying to hang on to it as long as possible, afraid of what I might be missing out on. Losing our youth scares us, yet it pushes us to strive for what we desire. SOS capture the essence of fleeting youth beautifully on their debut that will not only make you want to make up for lost time, but reflect on this period of your life despite how bittersweet it may taste. Basically, this album will make you want to live out loud, on impulse, despite what fear drills into your head.

With sexy R&B-tinged tracks that’ll make newcomer Banks envious, it’s pretty evident that this duo are on the right track. Hypnotizing instrumentation on “Gorgeous” and the The xx-esque “Dead or Alive” are perfect for a night drive with someone special while “I Like That Ur Nice” plays on the welcoming 90’s R&B throwback vibe that will please even the toughest of critics.

This debut is a fantastic stretch from what is fed to us daily. A vivid portrait of youth in decline and a visceral glimpse of a special period of life that most often than not gets wasted on fear, I think you’ll find this album inspiring. After all, if not now, when?

SOS is available now HERE.

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