30 Magical Mermaid Nail Ideas

Hi babies!

When I feel like the world is spinning out of control, I just do my nails. I pretty much always have cute nails cause life is pretty much always a chaos, lol.

I’m sure you’ve noticed my recent mermaid madness so for this DIY tuesday I wanted to share with you some of my nail secrets and a gallery of cute mertastic ideas to try at home.

First of all…all of these embellishments are dirt cheap and so easy to play with. I get mine from eBay:


For all kinds of spikes etc, just type nail sticker, nail decal or nail art into the search box. They have epic stuff for like a dollar. My favorite glue for applying all that stuff is a brush on nail glue, easily found in drugstores.

So yeah, all you need is some polish, some embellishments and a nice top coat over all that.

Don’t forget to show off your creations during MoonChild monday:)<3