V Magazine Exclusive: Christina Aguilera Is Giving Life


August 1st, 2014. Christina Aguilera has quite a lot to be excited about in these upcoming months. She’s engaged to be married, will return to judging The Voice on next year’s Season 8, and she’s happily working on a new album. Add to all that a brand new baby sister for her six-year-old son Max, and she’s looking at a very full plate. Then again, when, since her first rise to super-stardom back in 1999, hasn’t she? That drive, along with a unique devotion to transition, is exactly what keeps just about everyone interested in all 5’2″ of the phenomenally-voiced Aguilera. Whether it be for her music, her fashion sense, her personal life, or her physique, she hasn’t left the headlines in over a decade, and still, she concedes, nothing can hold her down (“never can, never will”). Xtina’s taken her own public image’s iterations as impetus for creative outlet, unafraid to show her fans not only her triumphs, but her struggles, in each artistic evolution—and that includes how she presents herself to the media’s hydra-like heads. Feeling especially inspired by her own recent pregnancy (the ultimate transition) Aguilera wanted to capture some blissful moments before she gives birth, calling on photographer Brian Bowen Smith, whose work she has admired for some time now.

Giving VMagazine.com the exclusive new images, she tells us, “As a woman, I’m proud to embrace my body through all stages of life, staying fearless and confident in surrendering to the unknowns the future has in store.” Beautiful.


We are all excited to see her little princess.