Tokio Hotel Celebrate The 9th Anniversary Of The First Single #9JahreDurchDenMonsun

Today, nine years ago, German music was ready to receive a new band, Tokio Hotel.

Exactly, because nine years ago, the band formed by Bill & Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schaefer released their first hit single “Durch Den Monsun” and it was only the beginning of a long journey in music world.

The band was born in 2001 with the name of Devilish, used to perform in little clubs around Magdeburg (East-Germany) and after Bill joined the German edition of Star Search, he has been noticed by the famous German producer Peter Hoffmann who asked to work together. Bill and the band accepted and started to work on their very first album, before signing a contract with Sony, cancelled after a while since Sony was going to fuse with BMG and won’t to have new artists in that moment so immediately Universal offered and finally a contract was signed.

The rest is history. Tokio Hotel became a phenomenon in their country and in the nearby ones like Austria, Switzerland, France and Poland. And in the years later in the rest of the Europe and worldwide.

Durch Den Monsun debuted at #1 in Germany and Austria, receiving two gold discs, one in Austria and another one in Belgium.

The song was also named “Best song 2005” at the Austrian Golden Penguin Awards and was also nominated as “Best Single International” at the Amadeus Awards in 2006. In 2007, Durch den Monsun was voted “Single of the Year” at the Golden Penguin Awards in Austria.

Always in 2005, Tokio Hotel won at The Dome and at The Comet Awards in Germany as newcomer artist and with Durch Den Monsun.

Durch Den Monsun has been released also in English version with the title Monsoon, making of Tokio Hotel a worldwide band. There’s also a Japanese version called Monsun O Koete included in the DDM single.


Meanwhile Tokio Hotel are ready to come back with a new hit single and their upcoming album, check out the official music video of Durch Den Monsun below and some of the most beautiful performance on this song throughout the years:

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