Shots Fired: Lil Kim Disses Nicki Minaj On Remix To Beyonce’s “Flawless”

Wow! Not even a couple days after being released, Lil Kim takes shot at Nicki Minaj for her verse on Beyonce‘s new remix for “Flawless“!

While Minaj is known as the Queen of Barbz, she acquired a new name for herself via the “Flawless” remix and Lil Kim had some choice words for her about it.

“Am I trippin’ or did this Ho just say my name?/ Queen of rap, f–- outta here, Queen’s back, f–- outta here/ Time to get this rap b—- up outta here,” raps Kim in response to a perceived slight from Minaj.

Kim then continues,”I’m so awesome, I’m so f—in’ awesome. These h-es wanna be me cause they know Kimmy she flawless… D-mn it’s a shame, I gave you the rope, b—- I want you to hang.”

Looks like these two are still feuding and have no plans of stopping any time soon. We wonder if Lil Kim will come back swinging with a follow-up diss record!

What do you think? Will these two ever get along or is it a lost cause?