Moving With The Night: Interview with Everyone Moves Away

Earlier this year, I hopped on the bandwagon that is Instagram. I’m not sure how they found me, but a little band from Nashville decided to be one of my first followers. Their profile picture, which is the cover of their debut EP, I, captured my attention, being the ‘lets-take-pictures-of-trees-and-add-a-pretty-filter-to-them” fanatic that I am. After checking out their music, I fell head over heels with their cinematic approach and the epicness that is “We’re Only Getting Closer.” Oh, that little band’s name? Everyone Moves Away. But don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon and chances are they won’t be “little” anymore once their new EP makes it’s way to your ears.

With influences ranging from M83, Tears For Fears, Explosions In The Sky and Jimmy Eat World, the heart of this Nashville trio, comprised of Chris Small, Tony High and Melissa Mattey, lies within the euphoric electronic elements that heighten our senses and allow us to drift off into a world that matches our dreams and the movie in our minds. Their newly released sophomore EP, II, delivers just that and more.

I had the honor of catching up with the band on what you can expect to hear on their new EP, the response they received after releasing their debut and the one show that kind of started it all. Thanks, Anthony Gonzalez!

Tell us how this whole project got started.

– We have all had a love for mood evoking or cinematic electronic music. I guess our first “band” experience was when we all went to a local M83 show in Nashville. This band is hugely influential to our overall sound. I think you could say that our desire to create together kind of stemmed from that one event.

You guys are fairly new to the scene. Give us a glimpse of what releasing your first EP was like and the response that followed.

– Good question! We honestly never had any expectations so when we received the positive feedback from fans all over the world we were extremely humbled. We just set out to write music that we love to listen to. EP I really got the ball rolling and we quickly realized that writing more material should be priority one. Eventually, this led to what will be a seven song release EP ii.

“With The Night” gave me straight up chills the first time I listened to it. How is this new EP different from your first? Does it have more of a cinematic feel?

– Thank you! Our music is always inspired by visual elements. We want to be able to close our eyes and actually “see” the music that we write. One thing I think we all agree on is that EP ii has a more diverse spectrum of style. That’s probably due to us stretching our creative muscle and it being seven songs as opposed to four.

What advice can you give to others who want to start a band?

– Good question… One thing I know we have learned is to spend as much time thinking about how we are going to market a release as we do writing our music. We put a lot of time thinking about every detail of our songs and we’ve learned that putting that same effort into a marketing campaign is very beneficial. At the moment, we don’t have the luxury of a label marketing department or radio team so it’s “all hands on deck” all of the time.

What are your top 5 favorite songs/albums at the moment?

– We’re in absolute love with CHVRCHES, M83, Hammock, The Album Leaf, and Explosions in the Sky.

Imagine you have the opportunity to go on the tour of your dreams. What bands would you bring along with you and where would it take you? Don’t be shy to get fancy with the routing!

– Awesome question! Wow… It would be pretty fantastic to tour with CHVRCHES or M83. We would absolutely love to do a European tour with stops in the UK, Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Germany. Or hop on to support a local tour in the states… Either way would be an absolute fantasy.

II is available now HERE.