Miley Cyrus Tattoos Artist Bang Bang…Frealz. Pic Inside!

Yes, you read right. Pop-star Miley Cyrus put down the mic and picked up a tattoo gun while visiting NYC to not only get two new pieces of ink, but to give her hand at tattooing friend and famed celebrity tattoo artists Bang Bang.

When Us Magazine caught up with Bang Bang, he revealed how the two ended up getting matching cresccent moon tats.

“She decided she wanted to get a little moon,” Bang Bang explained. “When she said that, I told her I’d been thinking about getting a moon myself for a while now, so we got them together. I tattooed her first, it went quick and then I gave her the tattoo gun and taught her how to use it.”

Of course Bang Bang couldn’t help but have a little fun at Miley’s expense!

“I actually pranked her,” he continued. “When she went to first put the tattoo needle to my skin I screamed like it really hurt and she jumped up shaking! She took a walk around and settled down. We laughed about it after she tattooed the moon on my finger. She actually did a really good job.”


Guess if Miley decides to give up the music thing, she has a future as a tattoo artist! Pretty chiil.

Would you let MIley tattoo you?