Jay Z & Queen Bey Set To Split After Tour!

Despite their many ploys to show the world they’re a happily married couple via kisses and hugs on stage during their On The Run tour and a multitude of lovey dovey Instagram pictures, rumor has it that Beyonce, 32, and Jay Z, 44, are headed for divorce. There has been much talk about the couples’ marriage being lessened to a mere business deal rather than an actual loving marriage, especially after the birth of their first child, Blue Ivy.

Us Weekly says that inside sources close to the couple predict these two powerhouse stars will announce they’re splitting after the tour wraps Sept. 13. Speculations have risen about Queen Bey and Jay’s living separately in both LA and NYC. Apparently, these two have been avoiding each other since the On The Run tour started and it hasn’t got any better as time goes on. Even worse, a real-estate insider says the “Single Ladies” diva, has been looking at apartments alone in NYC neighborhoods with no sight of Jay Z!

Please say it ain’t so. The world isn’t ready to say goodbye to the greatest couple in music!

What do you think? Will these two split or stay together?