Hello from the Emmy Awards!

hello all.

the last 24 hours have been a whirlwind of Emmy maddness. The Emmy awards were mildly entertaining but the FASHION on the carpet was OUT OF CONTROL. It made my LIFE to be up close and personal with these gowns. It was unicorn heaven guys.

first off, me. of course.

I wore Patricia Bonaldi and Dena Kemp jewels. I know you probably already saw this on my instagram because I was pretty obsessed with myself yesterday but…this is my blog so…




Okay, moving on. I saw many many many dresses that I loved but Lizzy Caplan’s was really showcased better with 4 steps to lay on.

and of course my fav JTF.

then i went to the HBO afterparty where I met up with weird al. which was…. say it with me…weird.

next I stole colbert’s Emmy and then that was about all.

the end.